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Busy weekend...

On Friday night we invited 14 other parents into our house, and the principal of the new elementary school came to talk with us all. It was a good gathering, but it was kind of tiring. I did two apple pies that everyone loved and we had three pots of decaf coffee for everyone. And we talked about philosophies for learning, how the kindergartens were going to work, the new technology for the school (I have to admit it I still cringe every time a layman uses the term "User Friendly!"), and any and all security concerns we might have.

It was good.

Saturday John and Jet started a cathedral. I guess they don't start small... but it's a several hundred piece paper and cardboard cathedral with grounds, spires, and all the arches and stained glass you might expect of a German cathedral that took several centuries to make. The boys are really into it, but since some of it has to be really, really accurate, Jet's mostly doing origami while John does the church bits.

Jet's origami skills are going exponential pretty quickly. He's got that spatial knack necessary and those itty bitty tiny fingers that John envies a lot.

We took a break in the afternoon to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks, which was kinda... sweet and stuff. Nothing bad about it, but I wasn't particularly thrilled by it. Though it was funny and kinda cool to see Jason Lee in a family film.

Today we finished the class I was co-facilitating. I fell into old project management habits and demanded that people OWN the things that they or someone else came up with as ideas for doing stuff at the church. Ideas are nothing unless someone takes them and goes forward with them.

I went to church. John was an usher, Jet was in kids church, so after the sermon I skipped out and headed home to change into sweat pants and a t-shirt. I had some lunch, fed the Passat, and then headed out to Fredrick. I got there before the kendo folks came. I was nervous as anything.

They weren't much into teaching etiquette and I had to imply a few things, like bowing on entering and exiting the dojo. I've never worked in a multi-student dojo setting before, so I was pretty lost. The good thing is that Nanao-fukutaicho saved me.

Really. She was exactly Nanao-fukutaicho, same glasses, severe hair, smoky eyes, and an extraordinarily precise and killer attitude.

I actually don't know her name. I should have asked, I guess. She was the daughter of the instructor. Slender, strong, young, and in black hakama and keikogi she looked precisely like Nanao-fukutaicho. She was very helpful. She instructed me on all kinds of things and I think that she liked that I asked her a lot of questions and listened very hard.

She also seemed to have an uncommon focus on the kata rounds. Very excellent focus on me, her opponent. Awkward when I knew NOTHING. Ahem. But I do know how to learn. I don't think I was particularly fast about learning stuff, as it's the usual five things at once that are all new kind of thing. But I'm ready to be awkward in order to learn.

It is a very, very, very, very amusing and bemusing thing to scream, "MEN!" every time I hit the dummy on the head. It cracked me up a few times when I was in line. I suspect that if more divorced women knew that they could do that in kendo they might join up...

My feet hurt. I'm not used to doing things in bare feet. I suspect that I'm going to have to get better at it.

The class is tiny, so everyone got a lot of practice in and things moved fast. I was grateful for the fact that everyone other than the instructor's kids were crass beginners.

I bought a Shinai for $25. It seemed about the right level of investment at this point. I intend to go forward.

The great good thing is that they are working on moving back into Longmont as they pretty much lost all their senior students with the place and time move to Fredrick and Sundays. I would be happier to have Sundays back as they're far too busy for me. It's likely to do weekday nights, so I'd be pretty happy with that.
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