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Busy Day

Was up at 6:30 to get to breakfast with friends after being up until 1am finishing off the I-cord on the sweater. Painful, mildly, but really great to see my many times ex-boss who's just a great guy, and get to see Bob again for the first time in quite a while. Jet loved the beignets. *laughter*

When we got home, it was right on time to get Jet to the bus.

Then I packed up a ton of stuff and four knitted pieces for the art show and we helped hang my stuff. The phoenix was still wet and I hadn't actually gotten all the buttons or button holes on, yet, so I showed it to her and we found a place for it, but I get to bring it back on Friday to get it really on the boards.

Then I went home and went back to sleep while John did his stint at Jet's classroom. Hour and a half and I'm still tired now...

After lunch I posted the sweater posts and then fielded stuff until dinner... and worked through a bunch of the editing incandescens did on the first four pieces for the Bleach fanfic arc I'm writing. There's five written, a sixth in the works... and I should start publishing when I actually have some time to figure out how I want to present it.

It's not going to be tomorrow, though, as in the morning, the power company is coming to do their inspection to make sure the power is good going onto the grid, and in the afternoon I get my allergy tests. Luckily, with both of those, I'll be able to do the finish work on the sweater, I hope.

Jet and I did dinner and schoolwork together when John left for a Beer and Brats gathering of men. His birthday is Saturday so on Friday he gets to bring treats to school. So we hit the grocery store and bought Little Debbie Zebra Bars, which he really loves. I also got some evaporated milk as he asked for beignets for his birthday breakfast. I splurged on a few dessert/treats for us as well, and then went to McDonald's as Jet requested it, and we haven't been for months and I was feeling stressed enough to go for something really, really easy. We ate at home, did his homework together, and ended up in the basement playing Crash Warped, and he'd hand off the controller for the levels he didn't want to deal with. Jet did really well on the levels he was up to playing, though, which is something new.

I put him to bed. Though while he was doing stuff to get ready, I knit at the I-cord on the bottom edge (it was curling just enough to bother me... so I'm nailing it down). Then I did his books and lay with him until he was asleep. He kept bumping up against me to make sure I was there... until he finally settled and I could hear his breathing even out...

There are moments when I really like being a mom...
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