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I Tired...

... and the buttonholes are like eight inches from being Done.

The allergy test took more out of me than I expected, especially with the big dose of antihistamines I got afterward. Of the 68 individual items that were tested on my back, more than half reacted. My back is a mass of welts now. *sigh* Even after a shower. I don't even want to think about the last time my back felt this sore.

The dozen negative group tests on my arms were pretty reactive, too. More than half of those blew up, and the doctor took a look at my results and said, "You are a very allergic person."

No duh. Hopefully the shots will help. They usually do.

Luckily, all of the food reactive tests were exactly the same as the saline. I was glad. So it's "just" trees, grass, weed, dust mite, and cats that I'm allergic to, which basically means spring, summer, and fall I get hammered by all the pollens. Amusingly enough, nearly none of the molds reacted, either, after Seattle, that's something.

I will finish the last of the idiot cord tonight. Watch a bit of the news and weather and I should just sew on all the buttons, re-block just the edging and Be Done. Then I can wear it tomorrow for a bit and take a picture before it absolutely HAS to be hung up on the wall at the show.

The only saving grace for today was that I had a dream about Shunsui telling Jyuushiro about a dream he had and I managed to write it down before it all melted away...
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