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Twin Souls Series

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This is the overview page for my Bleach fanfic arc, "Twin Souls". If you want to see all my writing look here.

This is my attempt to figure out why Kyouraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jyuushiro are the only two shinigami in Soul Society to have zanpakuto that manifest as two identical swords. It starts when the two first really meet at the Academy and will, I hope, end when both have manifested shikai for the first time.

Other one-off fics related to the series as I work through some rust...
A Peek Under the Hat -- PG Shunsui as he's napping.
A Sip From the Cup -- PG Jyuushiro with his tea.

Fanart created for this series:

Twin Souls

Fanart courtesy of rasetsunyo

Young Shunsui and Jyuushiro start as just students at the Academy, so they don't even have the experience or powers of an acting shinigami, yet.

It is set 2000 years (or more or less, who counts a few 100 years between shinigami?) before the events of Bleach itself. There is no Gotei 13, no captains, and no divisions, yet. There's just Yamamoto's Academy, a new realization that it would be better to train those with reiatsu, some souls who had living military experience, and a lot of chaos where human souls in Soul Society are being hunted by hollows.

This whole thing would be impossible without incandescens. She sparked the first questions and ideas and has reviewed and encouraged every step I've taken in this.

There are already multiple stories to this arc on my disk and in my head. I'll put 'em up as I feel solid about 'em, so the timing will likely be erratic. Individual entries have been marked "Adult Concepts" and "Explicit Adult Content" as their contents require. Apologies to anyone that inconveniences. I'll also put a rating on anything explicit. I'll edit this entry and add links as I post.

For the whole series I have a very mild yaoi leaning towards the two, just so you're warned.

I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of Bleach. Any depicted sex is between consenting adults. It's all fictional. Really.

Tags: bleach, fanfic, kyouraku, ukitake
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