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This is the overview page for my Bleach fanfic arc, "Twin Souls". If you want to see all my writing look here.

This is my attempt to figure out why Kyouraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jyuushiro are the only two shinigami in Soul Society to have zanpakuto that manifest as two identical swords. It starts when the two first really meet at the Academy and will, I hope, end when both have manifested shikai for the first time.

Other one-off fics related to the series as I work through some rust...
A Peek Under the Hat -- PG Shunsui as he's napping.
A Sip From the Cup -- PG Jyuushiro with his tea.

Fanart created for this series:

Twin Souls

Fanart courtesy of rasetsunyo

Young Shunsui and Jyuushiro start as just students at the Academy, so they don't even have the experience or powers of an acting shinigami, yet.

It is set 2000 years (or more or less, who counts a few 100 years between shinigami?) before the events of Bleach itself. There is no Gotei 13, no captains, and no divisions, yet. There's just Yamamoto's Academy, a new realization that it would be better to train those with reiatsu, some souls who had living military experience, and a lot of chaos where human souls in Soul Society are being hunted by hollows.

This whole thing would be impossible without incandescens. She sparked the first questions and ideas and has reviewed and encouraged every step I've taken in this.

There are already multiple stories to this arc on my disk and in my head. I'll put 'em up as I feel solid about 'em, so the timing will likely be erratic. Individual entries have been marked "Adult Concepts" and "Explicit Adult Content" as their contents require. Apologies to anyone that inconveniences. I'll also put a rating on anything explicit. I'll edit this entry and add links as I post.

For the whole series I have a very mild yaoi leaning towards the two, just so you're warned.

I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of Bleach. Any depicted sex is between consenting adults. It's all fictional. Really.

I was recently introduced to Bleach and have been picking my way through various archives for some good fanfiction. It was a delight to come across this fic (and Strange Tortures.) Very well-written and interesting.

Excellent! I'm very glad you've been enjoying my writing. It's always cool to know when someone's enjoyed what they've read of my stuff.

Thank you, so much, for leaving a comment.
I'm at the end of this story so far, again, and I love it even more on a second reading, all the layers, the subtle poecy of your prose, the not-so-subtle poecy of Shunsui and the quiet strength of Juushirou, the way you carefully craft the world, little by little, the vivid sense of everything described in such detail I can taste the weather and the mood, the easy rhythm of the story that lingers when it should and beats hard and fast through the fight scenes, and, now I'm out of breath, but I just had to reiterate.

In summation, this story made me warm and fuzzy after a tiring day, and thank you again for writing it.
Oh, wow.

I've been... tired lately, and haven't had the energy to write much more of this, or anything recently, really. So this is a real pick-up for me. Thank you.

I appreciate this possibly more than you can know.

I'm very, very glad that my writing has pleased.
Um, you're welcome. And please don't feel pressured in any way--it's such a good story it's worth waiting for.

I think it was even better when read all in one sitting. There was time to settle into the mood, and let the world draw me in. I'm not saying this very eloquently, I feel, but there's this tangible depth to your writing, like I could reach in and be a part of this ancient history you create. :) I also would so much that more people had your talent with character interaction--the conversations flow very naturally, but my favourite might still be the one where they are up on the mountain, bonding around the campfire.

Okay, stopping now.
That's what was so... helpful about how and what you wrote. Simply saying what you liked, not what you wanted. *smiles*

It's good, gentle encouragement. Thank you for making sure I don't feel pressured. It's a wonderful thing.

And I love knowing all the things you really liked. Thank you. It was fun writing the conversations on the mountain between everyone, and I've always felt that weaknesses are the way to really understanding someone better.
I've just been through all that you've done on this story so far, and I wanted to tell you that it's absolutely wonderful. Not only are your characterizations and layers of emotion in the story delicious, but your devotion to research and fact that will enhance the storytelling is remarkable and rarely seen in fandom. On top of that, you've taken the time to build the world politics up so perfectly that this AU has become truly three-dimensional. I can't compliment you enough on the work you've done and I can't tell you how much I anticipate the next installments.

I apologize for not commenting on each chapter, but I was so eager to get through it all that I couldn't linger for a second, haha.
*grins* I'm so glad to know that it has pleased you so well, so far.

Yeah. I didn't know anything about fandom when I started this... which, I think, only did the story good. I've learned a lot since then, but I think I've tried my best to stay true to the spirit of the story rather than the way "slash" works in fandom. For this story, at least. Thank you, so much, for letting me know that I did what I've hoped to with this.

The next two chapters are at the beta's now. So should be out in a week or so, and I'm vowing to not let three months pass by before the next.

We'll see. *laughs* It gets harder with all the plot lines I'm trying to hold in my head; but I think I'm finally getting a system for getting them all down...
There's really nothing helpful that comes from "knowing" about fandom; the more you stick to an original and mature writing style the better everything will be (as your work showcases nicely). It was really interesting seeing your writing grow and mature over the course of the chapters, though, and you should be proud that in such a short time your work has improved so greatly. If only I could make that much headway with my writing and have so much commitment to a storyline...

I completely understand about the challenges of holding onto complicated plotlines and feeling overwhelmed by the task of getting them down on "paper" (computer?). You're doing a lot better with that than I ever did, it's what's kept me from ever getting off the ground with multiparts. It's also great that you have such a wonderful beta to encourage and help you. Doing these things alone is also nearly impossible.

I'm a friend of both incandescens and sophiap btw, just so you know how I found you ;)
It's been a year, but it's also a year where I haven't had to work. I've loved learning about writing by just *doing* it, a lot, and I feel like I am getting better enough at it for me to feel like I have sure footing with my own stories.

It would be nearly impossible alone... incandescens has been really, really good for me, and great at tempting me into new stories. And I really enjoy working with sophiap, and her writings are amazing.

I'm glad that you found me through them! Thanks for following through.
I am in awe and can't really express how much I appreciate your work at this moment.

My two most favorite captains and probably the only Bleach pairing I would read and write about just turn real in front of my eyes *thud*

It's not like one would tumble across good writer and good fic everyday and I have been very very lucky this time.

The tremendous amount of effort put on researching, the careful thinking put through for the plot and characterization just blown me away.

I would like to take this piece to bed with me and curl around it, hugging it to me tonight *g*

Can’t wait for more *poke poke*
*happy sighs*

I'm very very glad you found this. It's always wonderful to get comments like these, especially when I'm trying to get the courage back up to work on more of this. *laughs* The plot got kind of thick, along with the relationship, so I have to think a bit more.

Plus the summer was just nuts. But I'm gradually getting back into it. Thank you for the encouragement!!
Hello, I've been following Twin Souls for a long time on, and was very happy to fing your lj. I really do enjoy reading Twin Souls, it's one of the best fanfiction I've ever read. The prose is beautiful, you have a fantastic way with words, and I one day hope to become as proficient with the English language as you.

I'm excitedly waiting for the next chapter!

*smiles* Thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm very glad you've been following it for so long, it's been taking a while longer than I'd hoped... ah well.

It's fun to learn this way... just by doing.
wow!! this fanfic is really really long! and its insane how you uve made every battle sequence/moves so believable, like your into martial arts or something (lol) and the way uve written shun and jyu's interaction, unlike anything else ive read!

and some of the characters here are OC! i thought they rely exist in the bleach arch but reading the comments of ur readers and urself i learn dat some of them werent! hehe

even if this was written years ago (2008, right?) even in 2011 it still makes damn sense! i hope you have other shunshuixukitake fics like this one? ^_^

i had fun reading this. this ultimately belongs to the top 3 shunxJyuushiro fics! ^_^
Re: omg!
*grins* Thank you so much!!

Yes, it's very very long, and it's about to end, I think, at 40 chapters! *laughs* I didn't know how much I was getting myself into when I started this, but I'm so happy that I can see it all the way through.

I have been into martial arts. *grins* Into Western Fencing, kendo, and tai chi, so, yes, a lot of the action sequences come from experience, which makes them fun. I actually have my son go through some of the sequences with me! Hee.

I'm glad you like the OC's! I really have put a lot of thought into some of them, and enjoyed what I was doing... now that it's 2013... some of this makes less sense, given what has been revealed about Yamamoto and his cohort, especially a few details about Unohana, but I'm still happy with what I started with. So thank you so much!