Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A quiet day, today. I'm glad. Yesterday, I actually drove a total of two hours for a total of two hours' worth of meetings. Uck. I did, however, manage to get the sweet corn on the way home, so that was worth it.

Life, now, seems a balance of trying to do more than before and not do too much. Somewhere there has to be a Hell of 'Oh, Let's Try It Anyway...' Trying just that one too many thing is such a pain, sometimes, when the day starts out so well, and I end up exhausted and Jet ends up confused by all the changes at once. Stretching is okay, but when do you know when the stretching snapped?

Today is good. Today is stable. Today, I just stayed home for my morning two hours of dealing with work stuff, and now Jet's asleep for a small nap, and I have a 3:00 meeting where he'll likely eat for part of it, at least. Not that much to juggle or Deal With, rather than just dealing with what happens. I am very glad to be able to say that I'm really, really glad that I get my two hours a day without Jet, and to balance that I know that Jet really loves being away and with friends, new toys, and new challenges of his own. It's just about Right.


It's also too hot today, since last night didn't really cool off the way it usually does. They say today will be equally hot, and tomorrow should show some cooling. I can only hope. When I'm not in an air conditioned office, it actually makes a difference, now, when I'm home most days. The home air conditioning just never seems to make it upstairs to the office, and Jet usually naps on our bed, downstairs, where it's cool, so that's okay for him. It's just roasting up here for me. Even the ceiling fan isn't quite enough, so I might buy myself another fan just for the office on these really awful days.

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