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Wild Weekend

Saturday I actually got the sweater finished, blocked, dried, and then pinned up at the art show. I was glad that was done.

Then I got home and baked, sticky rice cakes and a steamed cake for the Lunar New Year snack at church for Sunday. John and I had bought a bunch of stuff from the Pacific Ocean grocery store, and I did a few traditional things my parents would have done as the extra special treats...

Sunday morning was making coffee AND getting all the treats out. And then when everyone joined up for fellowship time, I was making sure there was plenty of coffee, helping with the treats, helping with cleanup, helping with explaining what stuff was, and then people started dragging me over to the art wall as well.

By 12:30 I was tired. So we all went home, and John took Jet to a friend's birthday party. I finally sat down and wrote for the first time in three days. It felt so good that I didn't stop when the boys then went to a Super Bowl Party. John called me when the ribs came out of the smoker, but that's the only break I took.

So I have another two chapters pinned down and sent to be duly gone over by incandescens's eagle eye, and today I posted the second set of two. I can see where things are going to go. I'm hoping to meet up with the other story I wrote in the arc. We'll have to see.

Today I had to ride the exercise bike. I had to post, and I had to polish some prose and push ahead into the seventh chapter. I got to do all that around getting Jet to and from the bus and it felt really good. Then I got Jet, and we played Crash for a bit and with his flyers for a bit, and then I did my homework for tonight's class. Class was... good. Exhausting. Now I'm off to sleep. Whew.

I am still tired of people. Even after pretty much a year off of work and all that high level management stuff, I'm still kinda burnt out on face-to-face people. I like sitting inside my head and stirring the contents and pulling stuff out, now. The writing has been really, really fun. I really didn't want to go to class. But tomorrow is caucus day and I promised I'd go and actually get counted. It's going to be interesting. And my poor John has said that he misses me. So I should take care of the spouse.
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