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... it is important to bring knitting to the Democratic caucus. I should remember that from now on.

Half an hour out in the cold (10° F/-12° C) just waiting to get into the building to get into the line to register. It was a zoo. I can see why so many people complain about caucusing and really wish we had a primary. But there's something interesting about being in a room with the people you have to agree or disagree with, with having real people talk about why they're going to do what they're going to do...

Though, at first, everyone was in one big gym and they had folks from just the Clinton and Obama races get up and speak as to why they believed their person was the one we should vote for. Then all the precincts were split into their own rooms, and had everyone for each of the four official candidates stand to a side of the room, and the undecided got to sit in the middle. The lady in the middle was very brave and asked everyone why they thought their person was right, and then when folks got a bit... personal, she asked that folks talk about how they differed on their issues.

Then we all voted for the folks we wanted. The interesting thing is that by doing the math, I realized that it was just a difference of two people that decided a whole delegate. Each precinct has a number of delegates for their population. But we had only 49 people out of the whole precinct show up (which the regular caucus-goers marveled at), but this is actually a precinct of hundreds and hundreds of voters. So... it was odd to realize that just by showing up I made just a bit of a difference at this level. And that might multiply up or not...

After the number of delegates were determined, then each group got to pick their own delegates that would go to the city/county convention. Those folks would go to the state, and those folks would pick who goes to the national convention. I'd had plenty, already, so I gladly voted for the ones that really wanted to go, and there were plenty.

So that was neat.

Exhausting for someone burnt out on people for a bit, but neat. I can kind of see why voting pales in comparison, in a way. And I even rolled up a ball of yarn and cast on a sock. *grin* So I accomplished something, too! Hee...

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