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I'm posting a lot today, sorry about that...

... but... John said I had to post this, so I shall.

Last night, while I was in the line to get into the caucus, a lady and I were talking for a while as we were thrown together as we were sorted into our registration lines. We were both saying that we hadn't ever caucused before, and that it was kind of cool and then she said that she'd probably had a lot more chances than I had.

I wasn't sure what to say to that other than, "Uhm.. maybe..."

She smiled matronly at me and said, "Well, how old are you?... You can't be much more than 20..."

I blinked. "Uhm. I'm.. uh... 44." I hesitated because I had to calculate it in my brain...

The shocked look on her face was priceless. It was pretty obvious that she hadn't meant it as just a compliment or just a flattery. She really, really thought I was in my early twenties. "You can't... no, uhm, I mean... " she was pretty flustered.

"Really... thank you. It's okay, I still get carded," I said wryly. No reason to embarrass her about it.

"Wow... you are so... "

"Lucky. I mostly call it luck." I said, giving her a way out.

"You are. Very lucky indeed. I would never have guessed..." she shook her head, and then we were at the head of the line where they'd just about run out of registration cards...

It's odd. I've been feeling older than dirt lately. Someone's mom asked me if I had my hair highlighted to get those even strands of white through it. She was equally flabbergasted when I said it was natural... you're too young to have white hair, she said. The doctor at the allergy clinic was flabbergasted when I said I was retired, and he told me that I was too young to do that, but I have. I wonder if that's part of what's making me feel so old and tired in some ways.

Been through the business battles, led people (some of whom were much more skilled than I, nothing is as humbling as having someone lay skills better than mine ever could be at my feet for me to use), got bloodied, and then kept going at it and we got through to quite the prize... but the cost has been so high... and it was so hard to leave my people behind. I just feel so old and look so young and still probably have so much ahead of me. It's just an interesting and odd kind of place to be.
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