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First Remembered Dream of the Lunar New Year

It was Renji and Rukia, after... after her rescue, after the war... It was night, on the new moon. They were sitting on the riverbank, in their shinigami uniforms, with zanpakutou at their obi, and they were together, a captain and a vice-captain, so no one in their old neighborhood dared to bother them. They were on the riverbank where they used to catch fish. They had oranges to share with each other. Together, they were watching the New Years fireworks over the city and they finally, really talked.

I think I'll have to write this up in detail... *grin*

I wonder what it means for my New Year. I guess it'll be interesting to find out.

This dream was probably prompted by a request letmyself_go gave me when I asked for a writing request.
Tags: dreams
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