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Every Day Things...

... hmmm... John and I got to see The Bucket List yesterday and it was very funny and very, very sad at parts, and very... *good* at parts. As usual, I cried at all the good bits rather than the sad bits. So it is. I really loved the movie and will likely buy it sometime.

I did Jet class stuff today, took my meds, and went and got my shots and the nurse had to ask me three times if I was going to get home okay. We're switching my pre-shot meds back to something that doesn't knock me out like this. That is good.

Managed to post another two chapters, but wasn't up to writing any more. So most of my lead is gone, now, and I still have a whole chapter of dot-to-dot work to do before the next two stories I have got written. I'll have to wait until I have a brain again.

Jet went to the neighbors while John and I went and met the new pastor... though, on the way, the random conversations made me miss rmd really, really badly. The OUR Center manager has, on his truck the bumpersticker, "Gun Control: Use BOTH Hands". I miss going to chick-flicks with rmd like The Rock and going to the firing range and... *sniffle*

Ahem. I didn't leak that badly at the meet-the-new-pastor social gathering, I brought my knitting and worked on a pair of Pomatomus socks, from Knitty. So I didn't say much and just helped encourage some conversations around me.

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