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... I did my monthly weighing today. I hadn't lost a thing over Thanksgiving/Christmas time frame, so I figured I plateaued at 10 to 11 pounds off and that I wasn't going to go any further, especially since I'm not actually doing anything specific to lose it. But I weighed in today and I'm now 14 pounds lighter (thinks of three five-pound rolls of hamburger now off...). The ankle-length blue velvet gown that I used to pop buttons off of, is now loose. Beautifully loose, but loose... no wonder the sweater was baggy... *sigh* I now regret, bitterly, giving away the green velvet noir dress. But I can probably buy something nicer, soon.

I guess I'll just ride it out and figure out where it ends before buying any clothing. My t's and jeans still are functional, though my old fat-pants are kind of comical. But if I keep trying to pull my belt closer by a couple notches it does not have, I may have to go back to my college days belt. I'm getting closer to the weight I was in college than I ever thought I would have even approached again. I have abs again, and my muscle tone is such that I'm even more determined to go through with kendo this week and on a more regular basis.

My brain is back. John said that I sound like a completely different person today. Time to dive back into stuff. It's good to get courage.

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