Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Maybe I shouldn't have done the British-style pancakes with chestnut cream for breakfast...

... because I'm now longing for real coffee. It wasn't a problem for the last week, at all, didn't even notice, but I guess I wasn't noticing much of anything and the decaf was good enough as a 'something tasting like coffee' substitute. And it isn't that wine-sweet aria that the Kenya AA peaberry is singing in the back of my green bean bin... it's that husky, chocolate, caramel and full bodied croon from my Mexican Oaxacan Pluma that's just driving me mad.

*head desks*

Maybe Sweet Maria's can rescue me with their decaf list. Maybe...

At least I don't live in Seattle any more, with real temptation around every corner. Here it's just auto-machine Starbucks or altitude sick espresso machines, with so called baristas that can't tell real crema from crap. That's something of a blessing anyway.
Tags: food

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