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A Complete Listing of my Stories

Now is a listing of what I've written. Not all of this is work or family friendly, but nearly all the stories have a rating next to them so you know what to expect.

Torrie, a Slate editor asked me one day if I was the Liralen that Jordan was based off of, and I replied yes.
The Real Real Genius is what came out of that lucky meeting. And, thank you, David, for telling her I was a good writer.

My Fan Fiction
I have a yaoi leaning in fanfic. Just so you're warned. But it's just a leaning, so there's lots of other stuff, too.

These are my most popular stories via and Archive Of Our Own
-- Samurai Champloo: Combined Edge Strange Edge -- R for violence and bad language and a kiss Jin/Mugen -- Alone after the series, Jin goes to pray for his dead at a shrine while finishing the reforging of his sword.
-- Bleach: Twin Souls -- Academy Ukitake and Kyouraku multi-chapter mostly PG-13 fic with its own page and links to fanart! Emphasis is on how they developed into the friends they are and what the circumstances are for attaining shikai. Plot and sword fight heavy, very smut-light. This is now complete!! Yay!
-- Bleach: Winter War -- A very dark AU co-write with incandescens and sophiap where the Gotei 13 did very badly against Aizen's forces and are trying to survive. "Nothing is sacred and no one is safe." Rated R mostly for character death, swearing and the like, nothing explicit.
-- Downed*Angel: Some Things Never Change
-- Bleach: Ghosts -- PG-13 Ishida goes to get a signature from his dad.

All of my springkink prompts can be found on the comm itself right here.

Multi-chapter stuff.
These cover the longer series that I'm writing in, and I've pulled these pieces out of the general mish-mash of fanfic below. Many of these have indexes that you can put an alert on if you want to know when they're updated.
-- Getaway -- An explicit fic slashing an AU Shuuhei and Urahara, written with demented_dee in her AU world. After having known each other as friends for years, both the men get set up for really horrible blind dates. They escape the bad dates and Kisuke invites Shuuhei out for a weekend getaway at the Kuchiki hunting lodge.
-- Seasons of Tea -- A Traditional Tea with Saiyuki's Hakkai/Tenpou and Bleach's Byakuya as prompted by 2metaldog and mysocalledhell and it's mostly G or PG but the last chapter turned NC-17.
-- Bedtime Stories -- a bunch of short bedtime stories with illustrations with various Bleach characters. All PG or milder.
-- Playing with Fire -- A two-chapter AU with Iruka/Kakashi (Naruto) in demented_dee's Monoshizukanohi/New Amsterdam, where Iruka fulfills a promise to play with fire with Kakashi on the stage of Break.

Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.
-- By Moonlight -- NC-17 not worksafe. -- In demented_dee's AU Monoshizukanohi, Jyuushiro and Shunsui get ready for bed after talking with Byakuya and Renji.
-- Where the Heart Is -- G -- Jyuushiro and Shunsui help Stark and Lilynette celebrate their first birthday in Soul Society. For theablackthorn
-- Shuuhei and the Wolf -- PG-13 for violence -- Hisagi and Kumamura go after a huge Hollow in the Woods. For bloodthirstylt
-- Written in Blood -- NC-17 for blood play and cutting -- Kira asked Ukitake to help him drive the memory and ghost of his old Captain from his apartment in the only way he knows how.
-- Choices -- PG -- For mefie_toi for the Scriptorium Exchange -- After surviving the first incursion of Arrancar, Matsumoto HAS to take Orihime out shopping.
-- In The Deep Mid-Winter -- PG for a fight -- Shunsui, with Nanao-chan's help, throws Jyuushiro a birthday party on the Winter Solstice.
-- Fighting the Odds -- PG for fights -- (Crossover) For 2metaldog, prompt Ulquiorra and Sanzo and a card game gone wrong -- Sanzo finds a Hungry Ghost out in the forest and has to figure out what to do with him.
-- For Myself -- R for nudity -- for r0ck3tsci3ntist, Ulquiorra thinks about what he can do with his prisoner.
-- A Taste of Summer -- PG-13 for sexual innuendo -- Ukitake finds people plotting, and follows up on it. Inspired by incandescens and a 40 lb. box of organic peaches.
-- First Day -- PG Will Lt. Lisa's reputation survive her first day as Kyouraku-taichou's subordinate?
-- Spring Waters -- PG-13 for Yaoi kiss. I needed some fluffy Kyouraku/Ukitake in Ukitake's garden in early spring.
-- Thrown Together -- NC-17 explicit fight-sex, but not non-con Ikkaku/Grimmjow. Why they were thrown into a cell together no one knows, but the results were predictable.
-- Lion Dance -- G -- Ichigo and Renji see a Chinese Lion Dance in front of a shop on Lunar New Years and do the right thing by a ghost that appears.
-- Hard Work -- R -- violence, bad language, yaoi. Both Grimmjow and Urahara find it to be hard work to deal with each other.
-- Baby It's Cold Outside -- NC-17 -- for sex. Ukitake and Kyouraku take their divisions out for a winter exercise and get a bit more exercise for their trouble.
-- Amid Red Leaves -- PG-13 Kyouraku is napping in a tree and Jyuushiro comes to check on him.
-- Finishing Arguments -- R for violence and boy on boy kiss. Byakuya/Ulquiorra Kuchiki Byakuya goes into the desert around Hueco Mundo and finds something other than just trash and debris. For xshelaghx.
-- Ocean Retreat -- G Ukitake takes a calming swim in the ocean.
-- A Little Bit of Sugar -- PG Gin/Kira Gin has a nightmare and then breakfast in bed.
-- On Fire -- NC-17 Ukitake/Abarai -- yaoi pwp?? for zorathenne. But... uhm... *kicks something with her toe* there was plot.
-- In the Summer Heat -- R Yaoi fluff between Ukitake and Kyouraku, with lots and lots of flowers and Ukitake's office on the water. For chuchacz.
-- The Dark Curry -- PG for innuendo. Shunsui gets Jyuushiro to judge the Shinigami Women's Association's Curry contest. It's light. For incandescens
-- Honing the Edge -- R for implied zanpakutou on zanpakutou sex. Katen Kyoukotsu gets bored during Yamamoto's logistics meeting. Kyouraku goes into his inner world to talk. For incandescens
-- Watched For And Seen -- R for violence. Yoruichi and Urahara go into battle. springkink prompt: sexual tension during battle--"Watch me."
-- Living In This Moment -- PG-13 for suggestions. Ukitake works and Yoruichi interrupts him in her unique way. springkink prompt: playful sex--"Let's get out of here". Amusingly enough out of the first six reviews for this, three were requests for a continuation. I may well do so.
-- One Moment -- Ukitake/Ichimaru/Kira PG-13 for violence. This was a dream that turned into a story in the time line, it's all adventure/action and came from posting "After Care" on a number of new sites.
-- After Care -- Hanatarou/Kira. R for the explicit consequences of violence. Kira is badly hurt and goes to the 4th for some healing. Hanatarou obliges. springkink prompt: (anyone other than Gin)/Kira Hurt/Comfort "It doesn't have to be this way."
-- Reaching For the Sky -- PG-13 for language. Prompt and summery: "Grimmjow contemplates the clouds of Hueco Mundo." Yeah. Right. Grimmjow introspective. No one is more astonished than me. For mysocalledhell
Strange Tortures -- Ukitake/Kira NC-17 Written for calmingeffects for the chat_exchange. Bondage, explicit man on man sex, and lots of BDSM talk. Kira hears a rumor about Ukitake and goes to try and scratch an itch after Gin has left him. For calmingeffects
-- Babysitting -- G - Urahara Kisuke takes on the whole Kurosaki clan. One of my few light pieces. Won a first place in exiled_love.
-- Two Different Things -- Kira/Shuuhei. R with just bdsm concepts. Kira has a hard time after the Soul Society arc, and gets help from Shuuhei on how to deal. For calmingeffects-- Not Really Lies -- G Drabble with Urahara.
-- Ghosts -- PG-13 Ishida goes to get a signature from his dad.
-- Always There -- PG-13 The squabbling Thirds go get lunch for Ukitake-taichou. For shadowgirl1605
-- Catch a Flying Star -- NC-17 Renji/Rukia written for letmyself_go, thank you, so much. Renji and Rukia get together for Lunar New Years after the War. The fanfiction version is R-rated, without the explicit stuff.
-- A Peek Under the Hat -- G - Shunsui naps. I did this at the start of Twin Souls.
-- A Peek In the Garden -- G - Ukitake gardens. This was written later than Hat, but it's a companion piece.
-- A Sip From the Cup -- G - And very much later, I finally get Ukitake right, I think.
-- An Answer of Sorts -- PG Soi Fong and Yoruichi, where Yoruichi gives Soi Fong a bit of an answer to Soi Fong's question in the forest.

Drabbles or One-liners
-- Fall 2009 Drabbles -- a full index of 23 different drabbles (mostly stories of 100 words exactly) that were requested for the fall of 2009.
-- A Bouquet of Spring Drabbles -- A number of drabbles from when I asked folks for prompts in the early spring of 2009. Bleach, Saiyuki, and Dogs.
-- Ukitake and Kyouraku Microfics -- A dozen 10 word fics from one word prompts.
-- What Time Might Take -- G Bleach -- Byakuya contemplates the transience of all with form.
-- Hot Scrambled Peace -- PG Bleach/Samurai Champloo Kuukaku/Mugen "And she's on top".
-- April box of drabbles -- PG Bleach, xxxHolic, Zombie Powder and One Piece fandoms.
-- Chat one-liners -- R-ish. Bleach, Zombie Powder


Downed*Angel is a creation by gogoangelgunboy that has its own community: biscuit_tin. I encourage people to check it out and I did one fic for... hm... I'd like to say it was for him, but it was really for his characters and for the Crescent City, as after I swallowed down all of his fic in one or two days, they grabbed me and I had to write Some Things Never Change. The story is about Immer and Tommy, who are assassins that clear the feng shui, hired by the Goddess of Mercy, going to New Orleans for a job. If there's enough people that think it ought to be continued, I may well do so. And just to be sure it's on my journal incase the other ever disappears, I've copied it here.

And now I've also done Under the Boardwalk -- R for language and violence -- Immer and Tommy do a job, clearing the flow of fengshui in Atlantic City.

Ghost in the Machine was requested by Gabe as well and has my character, William, in it. R for violence and language. The two hitmen decide to hit a target together.

Dresden Files
Working Vacation -- PG-13 for a gunfight. Murphy and Kincaid take a working vacation. Harry sends along an unexpected gift.

Burning for You -- PG-13 boy kiss Axel follows Roxas for no reason he can fathom.
Follow Your Heart -- PG-13 but warning for a boy kiss. My Second Fic ever. Written because it always bothered me that Riku couldn't even walk and then suddenly, nearly the next minute, he's cutting through the waves like his old self. Lady Az actually did a full-page comic of the closing lines of this fic!! Check it out, it's amazing to me...

-- Not Forgotten -- G -- Goku wanders away from the camp site and Gojyo follows to find what's up. The whole Ikkō soon gets involved.
-- Fighting the Odds -- PG for fights -- (Crossover) For 2metaldog, prompt Ulquiorra and Sanzo and a card game gone wrong -- Sanzo finds a Hungry Ghost out in the forest and has to figure out what to do with him.
-- Seasons of Tea -- A Traditional Tea with Saiyuki's Hakkai/Tenpou and Bleach's Byakuya as prompted by 2metaldog and mysocalledhell. Mostly G, but the last chapter is NC-17.
-- Coming Back -- PG for a boy kiss Hakkai/Gojyo -- After his judgment by the three Aspects and getting his new name, Cho Hakkai goes back to find Gojyo. For ginnyvos's birthday.
-- Laughing In the Rain -- R Sanzo/Hakkai -- Hakkai sees someone gruesomely murdered and breaks. Sanzo has to clean up the resulting mess, as usual. For mysocalledhell.

Samurai Champloo
-- Combined Edge Strange Edge -- R for violence and bad language and a kiss Jin/Mugen -- Alone after the series, Jin goes to pray for his dead at a shrine while finishing the reforging of his sword.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Aftermath -- PG Nearly Everyone -- The turtles pick up the pieces to fight again. For zangetsugirl

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
-- Knowing -- PG for shonen style violence -- Prompts: Kurogane/Fai hurt/comfort -- In the country of Yama, Kurogane and Fai have to figure out what to do and how to do it while they still can't speak to each other.
-- Thaw -- R for blood and implications Fai/Kurogane -- Fai wakes up from a very cold dream and needs a little warming up from Kurogane.
-- Healing Touch -- PG Kurogane/Fai "Sensual Massage" and "I never thought it could be like this." Prompted from springkink. Fai helps heal Kurogane and Kurogane returns the favor.
-- Broken Convictions -- PG Fai/Sakura springkink "caresses over clothing -- something must be broken because it's never felt like this before". Sakura sacrifices her body for a price for Yuukio, and also manages to shatter some of Fai's convictions on how things must turn out.

Zombie Powder
A Good Idea -- PG-13 Gamma/Smith "Partners - Actually, that's quite a good idea." They do have some good ideas, but get into trouble like usual. For springkink.

My Original Fiction
-- Underground -- a PG adventure Misfit Toys fic that I've locked to just my writing support folks. If you want on the list, just contact me.
-- Other People's Trash -- G - short fic from a jumble prompt with Ezra, a homeless kid in New Orleans
-- Gift -- G - A 200 word drabble involving DeAndre, an original character of mine born from some of my feelings of New Orleans. He's an outgrowth of my work for Gabriel's Downed*Angel, from ideas in Some Thing Never Change.

2007 Original Stuff (mostly friends-locked as I intend to publish eventually, mostly started in a November brain dump, still wiggling... if you want to be friended leave a comment here):

Most of these are flawed or stalled, as I wrote them quick and didn't plan a thing. But there's enough here for me to think about doing it for real. If you want me to friend you so you can read 'em, just message me or write me at my livejournal email address. They're... hmmm... I guess I should rate 'em...

Thorn and Ash (in progress) PG-13: Chapter 1: Gone, Chapter 2: I had to try, Chapter 3: Mother Tree, Notes on what's happened so far , Chapter 4: Walk in the Woods, Chapter 5: Talking and Walking

The Temple Brothers (I'm going to have to rip and rewrite) PG-13: Chapter 1, Chapter 2: Sister Kai, Chapter 3: Brother Chi, Chapter 4: Brothers Ar and Wu, Chapter 5: Brother Si gets troubled, Chapter 6: The Thief,

Judge Dee (in progress) R: Chapter 1

Life in the Fast Lane (one shot, could be expanded) PG-13: The story.

Winter Wilde Side (compressed, needs to be broken out better) PG: Chapter 1, Mashed ending.

Untitled -- broken cyber folks in a post-apocalyptic world PG-13 - One Shot

Research -- really, really grim (R) -- one shot might lead to others

The Fade -- another grim one (PG-13)-- The start

The Last Time -- one-shot (R) -- The shot

Dream Poem

Tortured -- A two parter that is NC-17 with explicit torture and implied homosexual sex, these were from actual dreams with some analysis included of what the hell was going on in my head at the time. Absolution and Unlocking

Old Original Stuff - PG-13:
A long list of stories from before, a few broken out here.
Kiss - It's about princesses and frogs, kisses and rotary hearts which can't just be stopped or started. I might kick this one back into the rotation soon.
The Angelic Neon Blues - A starter, too.

Lots of dream seeds for stories.
- A bittersweet taste of telepathy
- Probably a manga start

-- Silver and Black -- a hardcore original yaoi romance by stark_black and I, through rp.
-- Nagusami -- NC-17, rp'ed with stark_black, she played Sanzo, I played Hakkai and Gojyo and it's basically Sanzo and Hakkai finding a way together.
-- Simple Submission, the sequel to Giving Grace with stark_black playing Hisagi and myself playing Ukitake. -- NC-17 explicit BDSM and hardcore Yaoi -- Hisagi gets worn down by events and takes the opportunity to ask Ukitake for what he's wanted for a while.
-- Giving Grace -- Hisagi/Ukitake NC-17 This is an RP collaboration that I did with stark_black. Hisagi's collar sparks Ukitake's interest and the conversation leads to an exploration for both of them. Explicit BDSM and Yaoi.

Game Related Stuff
"Don't Rest Your Head" modified to be "Don't Lose Your Edge" as run by amberley, played with diony as Apricot and space_parasite as Rei.
"Apricot and Her Two Blackbirds" - R for violence
Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Bliss Stage: Final Act -- my write up of a game ran by amberley and played in with diony and space_parasite.
Much older game writeups.
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