Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fanart for "Memories"

This is something I did for stark_black as a bit of fanart for one of her beautifully yaoi fanfic, "Memories". The picture is totally safe, her stories may not be considered so. I think that's what I like about them, she dares a lot in them.

I'll have to admit that I get homesick for the Great NorthWet when reading them, too.


I don't like how the arm and hands turned out and the proportions are still wrong. I'm now thinking of redrawing again, completely and doing it all in black and white and grays with just the gnarled light from the rain covered car window on the guys... so it's all just shadows but for Sanji's face. But I can probably describe it better than I can actually draw it, yet. Still... this is a piece mostly out of my head with just a few references, and while I'm good, now, at copying, pulling stuff out of my head is a lot harder, still. Just gotta keep practicing, I think.
Tags: fanart

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