Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Shelling Out

Actually went outside yesterday, and did a ton of errands, got my shots, ran around and bought a bunch of things that I really have been wanting. Shelled out for the first two books of Fullmetal Alchemist, too many folks have been saying it's good for me to leave it; and also shelled out for GetBackers when I looked through the first seven books of One Piece and just couldn't get into it. Though I did *love* what I saw of Sanji.

I really enjoyed the sheer attitude in GetBackers.

So I got home and shelled out at Anime Fever and got in on the paid member list. Nice thing is that the bits that I pay for aren't used up unless I do more than four episodes of something in a day. Given my days, I don't usually get all four in, so it's basically free for me, but if I get obsessed, it'll be nice to just keep rolling. All the early episodes of One Piece are only available to paid customers, there. I LOVED the first anime episode of One Piece!! Luffy's lovability didn't come through in the stills for me, but it really came through when in action. That was odd for me, but good. And I just died at seeing Zoro hung up on that pillory at the end of episode 1. The impact was so much bigger than in the manga that I was just... wow... so I'm glad I paid a whole ten bucks to figure out if it's something I'd like.

I shelled out for some pens. Inking still holds lots of mysteries for me, but I'll just have to practice it until I get better. I really have to think manga frame, not anime still, and keep it as necessary as possible instead of throwing in everything that 'should' be there for a 'person'. There are rarely frames of full bodies in either, and when they are there, they have insignificant detail. At speed it's minimalistic. That appeals a great deal. I love the stark lines and abundant shadows of Fullmetal Alchemist so much.

Finally finished the beta version of the second chapter of the next four chapters of Twin Souls. So those that are looking for that will get a blast of it on Thursday. Figured once a week on kurosaki_clinic is what I'm supposed to do. is good for my numerical soul, I get to count the hits of those that follow all the way through ALL the chapters even if they don't review.
Tags: anime, manga

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