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John's New Toy

John bought a new toy, though, actually it was a used toy that a woman hadn't used for three or four years, so he got it cheap. With our solar panels, it means he can go zooming around town and not use any fossil fuels at all. It's pretty cool. I'm not entirely sure I feel solid enough on it, yet, but I will probably ride it eventually.

I'm tired. Did a workout, got shots, watched more One Piece, walked Jet to and fro from the bus stop, and wrote... trying to balance a bit more, and I feel better for it. I still miss the jolt in the morning from my coffee; but the auction lot Kenya water process decaf has at least given me the florals, citrus, and caramel I'd been missing in my more commercial cup. I can even drink it black it's so good. *happy sigh* I really liked mopping all the floors. Swabbing the deck! So the small things rescue me for today...

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