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A Few Good Days

The dinner party was actually pretty enjoyable. Even with 30+ invited, five folks didn't show up, so we had leftovers, but not too badly. Four beer-butt chickens with World Spice's smoky BBQ rub, four pounds of grilled asparagus, and five pounds of cross-cut short ribs marinated in teriyaki and grilled until just happily caramelized. The people invited brought along side dishes and desserts, so we had plenty to eat. I also roasted coffee for afterward, a very mild, nice Brazilian decaf that Sweet Maria's cheerfully sold me.

I love having a party where everyone is *comfortable* and enjoys the food.

It was very nice, and everyone just enjoyed themselves and talked and talked and talked. Folks complimented the coffee, so I was happy I went to the extra effort, and it went very well with the three desserts that had come. Everyone pretty much tried everything. That was good.

Today Jet and I went shopping with all of Jet's money. He wanted to spend his money and he told me that he wanted to go to the bookstore, Target, and then go to the library and get a haircut or go to McDonald's. So we went to Borders. I had a 30% off coupon along with two other 20%ers and I figured out I didn't really have to buy anything. Jet had to buy SOMETHING there, and we wandered through five or six different areas before I finally said, "I have to leave or I'm going to get cranky." So he picked something he really, really wanted, a to-go Sudoku booklet and box with instructions for doing the puzzles. He used the coupon and paid the woman in quarters and pennies and a single dollar bill, and she was very nice and patient about it.

Then we went to Target and did the same thing. Jet contemplated twenty different kinds of Hot Wheels accessories before finally deciding on a bag of Nerf darts and a five dollar Lego Creator set that could build a train! He was really happy with that. We then hit the library and Jet got a couple of tapes and I got three books and we were good. As we were checking out my celphone rang, and there's a no celphone rule in our library. I turned it off. When we got outside, I found out that it was John saying the eGo's tires had gone flat, so we needed to pick him up. So I called him back and he didn't answer. Then I called him back again, and he didn't answer. So Jet and I went to the church and I couldn't see him at all, so I just kept calling and calling and calling and on the FOURTH try John finally answered and said he had to get out of a *class* so he could talk with us and I as...

I became rather irate.

I was also hungry. I recognized, luckily, that I was hungry, and on low blood sugar and told the boys that fact and that I was really, really angry. By telling them, I think Jet figured out, pretty well, that I wasn't angry because of HIM... and that was the very useful part of realizing.

So they both told me that we should find food. Now. So we did. We got Jet his McDonald's lunch and then hit the Good Times a few stores down, and I inhaled a bacon cheeseburger and lemonade and frozen custard. I became remarkably less irate.

I am bemused to be a mother to a seven-year-old who looks at me and says, "That's really bad language, Mom. You shouldn't use those words." So I am mildly more comfortable using those words around him as he knows the difference and isn't about to use them just because I do. It's an interesting thing to realize.

I spent the afternoon on the computer as Jyuushiro whispered something to my brain and gave me a few images of what needs to happen next. I re-read the Twin Souls stories and marvel that I actually wrote them and that all the stories are curving towards where I want to take the whole arc. has been very cool because I can see that at least 90 some odd people have read the whole thing, even if they don't review/comment, and so I wonder, now, if on LJ the same occurs. It's oddly reassuring. The numbers, they sooth.

We're having leftovers for dinner. It's good. Even Jet loves the short ribs. I cooked a huge pot of short grained Takahashi Gold, which I shall have to restock on when I'm in the Bay Area. I love the stuff, it's a California-grown Japanese style short-grained rice that is especially sweet for sushi, but goes really well with teriyaki sauces and meats. I love the stuff and love being able to make rice balls from the leftovers in profusion. Simple, good food is so much my favorite. *happy sigh*

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