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It is good having a seven-year-old who, on hearing his friend doesn't like Chinese food goes, "You mean you don't like SUSHI?" As if that is an utterly weird thing to not like. *falls over giggling* Never mind that sushi isn't Chinese. It was very cool, though, to have said seven-year-old overcome his natural reluctance to eat fruits or vegetables except under mild duress and actually try a panna cotta with a three-fruit compote on top and go, "Oooo... that's nice." He ate a few spoonfuls and said he was full. And then went back to dipping his Oreos in honey mustard.

Jet's taste buds are NOT meek and mild-mannered. It is a blessing.

The panna cotta was a blessing for me. Rich and creamy and good and solid and the compote on top wasn't too sweet and very, very rich with raspberries and blackberries and blueberries. Very, very nice. The owner of the restaurant is a friend of ours, and one of his waitresses proved to have actually been trained as a pastry chef, so he paid her a big bonus to create some real desserts for them. Good for both of them, I think. And wow it was worth doing.

It is odd to put on a pair of leggings and have no... well... belly fat anymore hanging around. It's just been so much a part of my self-image for so long, that it's weird to look and go.. hey.. I'm *flat*. Good! It is good. It's just... weird.

It's also weird to know that my Twin Souls stories on have been hit 1100 times in less than two weeks, and that about 80 people have read through the first eight chapters; but actual reviews are as rare as gems. It bemuses me that so many people are actually reading through it all and aren't commenting. Though... when the pop-up comes up it does say, it's good to give constructive criticism, tell the author what they could do better... and I'm like NOOO!! JUST TELL ME YOU LOVED IT, I DON'T CARE ABOUT CORRECTIONS!! Ahem...

Though I *am* flattered that that many people have read through what's nearly 30,000 words, now. I'll admit I love the folks that comment on the LJ chapters, as it's just so much nicer to have a chat with them here.

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