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... finally pulled my head out of my fanfic and took a look around today. I think I need to do a bit of input mode for a while before hitting the output so hard again. incandescens and zangetsugirl are being excellent idea bouncers lately and I have to solidify a few things before another push.

So I helped John lug 620 pounds of food from the Food Share center into the van, from the van in to the OUR outreach center, and then helped them store it all.

The frozen hams started hurting my hands even more than they've been hurting. Bah. But probably good for my hands. And the people that are going to eat the hams tomorrow. Food Share actually had organic half-pound boxes of butter! This is good because most dairy there is near pull date, and the smaller amounts make it easier for people to use. The childcare center and day shelter needed crackers and sandwich bread like usual. We got hundreds of cups of lychee/grapefruit yogurt! That sounded really intriguing. I'm learning far too much about how to feed 200+ homeless people a day.

The light weight work (okay, other than the 200 pounds of 50 pound potato bags) was good for my arms, and I followed up with the exercise bike, and my legs feel really much better now. It's good to get a good, clean sweat going. Didn't hurt to watch episodes 19 and 20 of Stand Alone Complex. I love Togusa and his wife. *laughter* She's so forgiving of his work at the table. John is, too. It's a good thing or else I'd have been in the doghouse a lot.

We actually had lunch together for the first time in a while, even though we've pretty much been in the same house for the last few weeks. That was nice. Good to discover a spouse. *laughter*

Should probably do my homework and shower so Jet doesn't go, "You're STINKY, Mom, get away!"
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