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Ah... the Beauty...

... the beauty of going full-blast into input mode is being able to bury my whole brain in winter, mountain tactics. I love this part of the process. Of getting my head just filled with hundreds of instructions, opinions, priorities, and matching it all with my experiences up on mountains, the feel, the dizziness of high altitude, the sharpness of the sun and the air and the wind and snow, the feelings of skis cutting through the snow... and filling my head with all the dangers and solutions and possible attitudes towards it all and then arrowing down into what I *want* for the story. THIS is the way...

*hugs Strategy and Learning and Communication strengths* *hugs the damned inaccurate but plentiful Internet*

I'll probably have to use all this in something other than a fanfic, sometime, too. *grin* The differences between modern gear and what they probably had so long ago isn't THAT huge, but, man, it would be so much more convenient to a certain degree.
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