Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bleach Happiness

Finally got to the end of the Bounto Arc.

Already said elsewhere that I loved seeing Izaru helping Ichigo out with his friend, and seeing Shuuhei fight. That was sweet. It still mildly bemuses me that everyone calls Izaru "Kira", when it's really his surname. Does he really hold everyone at such a distance that they are only comfortable calling him by his last name? Poor guy.

I can't help but hope that Rukia learned something from being possessed about why what she did for Kaien was a much better thing than if she had stood aside or allowed herself to be killed.

I'm still very happily in love with shy and capable Nova, especially when he's paired with Rangiku, who is even more capable but makes him even *more* shy. *giggles* a lot. I should pair those for a springkink prompt. *laughter*

I also really, really, really loved at the very end, when Kariya starts to glow and Yoruichi starts yelling at Byakuya to go, we have to STOP him... and Byakuya just stands there. Watching.

And it makes me think that Byakuya saw something Yoruichi didn't, that he saw how the fight was going to go even as he saw them approach each other, which makes me think probably more of Byakuya's fighting skills than I had even thought, before.

I also really, really enjoyed all of Maki Ichinose's interactions with Zaraki-taichou. I got a much, much better handle on how Zaraki works, now, and what his standards and ideals really are. That helped immensely.

And, at the very last, when Ichigo, Rukia and Renji are just enjoying watching the clouds on a sunny day... I loved, loved, loved the line about how some fights end in only bitterness.
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