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John decided cable was too expensive and given that I watch pretty much nothing directly off the TV other than Avatar (and I can buy a season's worth for the difference in cost just for one month) I was fine with him going to the Dish Network. Since we have a DH TV, he went and got the all-digital all the time network and it is pretty awesome. AND it costs about two-thirds what cable did. So... John's pretty happy.

It includes a DVR with service, so we're now doing all the things everyone else was doing a long time ago with Tivo. John really loves the advertisement skip. It's fun watching him pause it just because he can. *laughter*

amberley and shaterri have, between them, probably now loaned/given me enough anime to pretty much fill ALL my viewing time for the next while. *laughter* It's a good thing. Thank you, both, immensely.

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