Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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I'm just... unmotivated today. Just mildly depressed, though the weather is sunny, brilliantly white. The world is white and reflects like a crystal toy. Jet actually had a relatively good night, got up twice, went back to sleep easily, and is now taking at least a two hour nap. He was pretty tired after Joan's. He'll get a long dose tomorrow and Thursday, so that should be good.

I'm just... not unhappy, but not particularly get-up and go. Just... tired, I think.

We're going to get hair cuts tonight, so that'll be our adventure.

I am getting answers to questions I'm spraying around engineering and marketing like a firehose; but today is kind of the first official day when all of engineering is supposed to stop working on new features, but, with some late requests and some problems in engineering, I'm *still* defining features which haven't even been started, yet. We're loads better off than we were the last two releases, but it's still discouraging in some ways.
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