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Old Friends

Got in a pretty good, though short, visit with friends from long, long ago.

Rick and I have been friends since the 80's and his partner Carla is a woman after my own heart. She's been a professor for a very long time at Duke, in the computers. Technical as anything and really, really nice. She just retired this last year, too, at a more conventional age. So they were having a cross country trek and one of their stops happened to be in Boulder.

Rick knew the guys that passed the first packet between college campus computer systems. The precursor to the stuff that eventually became the Usenet and then the Internet and the whole shebang.

They and Carla's twenties something son who worked with Big Cats were all really nice to Jet when we all walked to dinner last night in near freezing temperatures. Jet really wanted to go to Noodles and Company and it turned out there was one just down the bike path from their hotel. So we walked and talked and got to see their house plans and it was great.

They also dropped by this morning to see the house, the solar array, and let their dogs run around in the backyard. They got to see my knitting and stuff and it was good to just catch up for a while. It's nice to have friends from so long, that one can just pick up and be comfortable with.

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