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Inked! I actually inked!!

The Ichigo in my head was kind of huffy about the fact that I was trying, madly, to draw Rukia and had never actually drawn him. Do you know how HARD it is to find a *smiling* Rukia? Ahem... anyway... so I drew Ichigo instead, first...


I'm pretty happy, for once, with what I did. And the inking came out better than I'd feared. Big plus is that it's the dreaded three-quarters head turn pose, which is pretty hard for me, still. The neck's still wrong... ah well. I'll do better next time. But I'm pleased at how his face turned out. I think that I'm most pleased by the fact that it was probably less than an hour's work all together, I'm getting faster and cleaner.
Tags: bleach, fanart

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