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Strange Day

I've been derailed five times already today. One or two were deeply agh!! moments, but they all worked out in the end. It's just been a strange sort of day and I completely forgot to eat lunch and slept in until 10 (which made me late to Jet's class for one of those AGH moments). Too into obsessive mode at the moment. Bah. Thank you, calmingeffects, for providing needed distractions.

But the sugar snap peas are coming up. I saw the shoots as I planted the second row of seeds. I'm going to have to plant lots more tomorrow at the outreach center garden. Spinach, too. The beds are on the south side of the house, there's snow elsewhere still on the ground. But the sugar snaps are up. The green onions from last year are going crazy, too. It's so nearly spring. I have to now start dozens of tomato and pepper plants. Luckily, the little green house John bought me last year is all ready to go. It'll be fun to see everything come up again.

My hands ache from the cold and doing the gardening and watering outside, but it'll be worth it. It will.
Tags: gardening

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