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On the Gripping Hand...

Actually... lots of people helped out today, now that I think about it.

incandescens's drabble gift was just wonderful. calmingeffects, stark_black's, and bellumina's writings. shadowgirl1605's icons, and great comments by shaterri and calmingeffects and others. Thanks.

shaterri's CD of Anime music is making me just tremble. I'd forgotten what music could do to me. It's amazing to have ALL the voices from a crystal clear copy of the aria from Ghosts in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex come at me through a high quality pair of earphones.

BIG plus was getting my commissions from letmyself_go. Gods, they're just gorgeous, and she was so amazingly patient with all the crazy crap I had to go through to get her payment to her. I am grateful.

Thanks for saving my day, all of you.

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