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Yay! Glow Golf!

Jet and I got to play glow golf, yesterday. It's a place where everything is painted in florescent paints and there's black lighting all over. It would probably give a lot of people a headache, but Jet really, really loves it, so we go do it as a special thing every once in a very long while. Since I'm leaving, tomorrow, for a week long trip and leaving the boys at home, it was a special thing that he and I got to do together.

Hm. I guess that's a warning to folks that I'm probably not commenting on much stuff for the next week 'cause I'll be gone. *grin*

When we got home, the rest of the neighborhood kids were out biking and running around in the sunshine, so Jet joined them and I sat with the dads and I got my first sunburn of the season.

Better to get it out of the way early, I say.

The solar guys came out to do the last check on the solar panels and make sure that it's all working. They handed us the five year guarantee and a whole book of information about the system and all the pieces within it. We sat out in the sun in the backyard and went through it all. It was fun to see the full out plans for the system and to make a few meaningful questions about it, rather than having them only talk with John about the technical aspects. But it's all good and doing better than expected on the power output, so I'm happy.

Packing like mad. Scheduling stuff like mad with everyone I can think of. It's good to be completely busy again. *grin* I love deadlines. Printed out the terrain analysis paper to do a complete going over of it while on the plane, and might be able to finish the chapter that at least resolves the cliffhanger in the last while I'm gaming. Hee. It should be fun.

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