Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Travel Fun

I wore my blanket coat of many colors. The Indian blanket coat I'd gotten while crewing for a hot air balloon crew in New Mexico and it started to snow the day before. Getting up at 4am in the desert is COLD. So the coat is warm and thick and long and so colorful it draws all eyes. I love that coat, and it makes for a wonderful blanket on the plane when I want to sleep.

John was a sweetie and drove me to the airport rather than putting me on a bus. We left after we saw Jet off on his school bus. Jet waved to me the whole time the bus was within my view and he'd made me vow that I'd wave back to him the whole way, so I did.

The ride was nice to just talk with John. I got there in plenty of time, and having checked in the night before, the whole baggage thing was faster then snap. The flight itself was completely booked solid. So it was just packed to the gills. But I got by listening to the air traffic controllers, listening for Dean, our neighbor how is both an air traffic controller and a really good Iron Man runner/swimmer/biker. He'd done an 80 mile ride the previous day. Yeesh.

No luck, but it was soothing to hear all the military letter codes and bearings and hear the guys talk over where the turbulence was and was not and they finally hit on a heading where other planes had gone that was smoother than not. When they hit that altitude and heading, suddenly the pilot's voice went over the intercom for the plane saying that we'd attained our altitude so folks could get up.

I read the History Magazine's special edition on Rommel, which was very good as there were a couple of first hand accounts along with several articles of history and analysis of his more famous battles. There was one article about his failings as a military leader as well, in the words of his contemporaries. I liked having both sides. I then reread the terrain analysis paper with a highlighter and a better light for the maps.

I got my drinks during that, finished them, and finally just shut down for a nap. It was too crowded in there for me, so it's nice to have instant napping ability when I want it. I think it was all those cross country drives when I was younger, with just two drivers, the other had to nap while the first drove, so I can drop off instantly when I think "nap".

Everything went smoothly, and by the time I got my luggage, Carl was there to get me, and we were off to lunch, to drop stuff at his place, do a little food shopping at Trader Joes, and then we ended up back at his apartment. I made dinner. I got connected, and then I saw that he had all the Hakaru No Go manga, and I happily stated reading them. I also played the last battle in Okami so that we could start at the beginning of the game so that Carl can see all the pretties. I'd gotten all the beads for the necklace of invulnerability, so the very last battle went *FAST*.

But I read the first six books of Hakaru No Go by midnight. My dreams were very pleasant about talking with Sai about Go and battles and strategies with tactics, about resolve and honor and power in focus. I'm terrible at Go, but he asked me to play because, well, he always wants to just play. He was very nice, but we both knew I couldn't play worth a damn as I don't have any clue as to specific tactics for the game. He did complement me on my overall strategy, though, which bemused me.

So an excellent first day, and I got to wake up with black tea and blueberry crumpets and I have authentic Japanese ramen to look forward to. It is good...
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