Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Great Day

Yesterday was a beautiful, wonderful day.  Rain and showers and sunshine and we drove for hours and hours through it all and got to see poeple I haven't seen for probably a decade and I played my first solid game in over a year and it was really, really satisfying and the write up for it is filling my brain with some really lovely, haunting stuff.  But that's what I get for playing a game filled with teenage angst and dream fighting robots built out of relationships that can crack at a blow from alien powers...  

The meeting with old friends was with marypcb and sbisson at Ramen Halu in San Jose.  I'd been there once before with umetaro, years ago, and I had to go back, and it was great to see them. I think the last time I saw them it was on a whirlwind business trip through Germany, France, and then the UK, where I got to stay with them for a night or two, attend a dinner party with them as hosts, and then wander through London a bit before going back home.  It was so good to see them again!  I got to envy Mary's hair and be glad that I'm not on that kind of travel schedule.  They're happily insane.  And talk and eat great ramen.  The broth was to die for.  Happy me.

It was great talking with them, but we had another place to get to and an hour's drive there and pick someone up and then another hour's drive to get to where we had to be at a certain time.  So we left and had plenty of time... to get to dinner and gaming with diony and space_parasite and amberley running Bliss Stage.  The game was really, really good.  A short, hot action sequence where everyone burns through relationships like forest fire through kiln-dried wood, and then brief interludes to try and "make up" before the burn is supposed to happen again.  It was intense and wonderful and strangely touching, too. 

I have to write it up.  It's the way I started writing... so I gotta do it.
Tags: travel
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