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Fandom: Zombie Powder (by Tite Kubo)

Drawn by me! Yay! I was trying to do fast sketches, just run with what I saw... and I got the following ones out. I sucked by not cleaning the pages and the scanner completely before doing this, but I think only the Smith sketch really showed it badly. This one took ten minutes. I'm proud.

I've posted 'em small, but you can click on 'em and get them as big as you like.

I'll probably try inking a few myself, as they were only ten minutes to sketch... and even if I ruin a few I can now always make more. Wow.


Sleeping Gamma. I wanted to do something a bit more to the side than the original picture, but finally just gave in and did what I could. That hair is quite the pain, but gosh... when it goes well it goes well...


He really reminds me more of Ishida than of Aizen with glasses. But maybe not, too... different attitudes on all the characters, really, and that sharpshooter, quick moving attitude makes him sweet for me.


So many of Kubo-san's frames are *just* of the eye and he conveys so much in them. I love those frames. So I'm thinking more and more about how they're used. And yes, that hair keeps escaping the darn frame.


So much attitude in so few lines. It always amazes me how the full body shots are so simple and yet expressive. Must practice more!!
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