Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Empty Bowls Bowl Shots

Some shots of the bowl...

First the inside, and I really liked how the eye turned out. The body was basically two or three strokes, and then I added the tail and the fins, all done in just orange. Then I swapped to red to add the top of the head and back and then all the cross-hatching and the fin definition with the red. Then just one dot of black for the eye. It still amazes me how little anyone needs to see a 'fish'.

The Inner Fish

Another along the side, as the tail goes up the side... And then the somewhat silly outside... and it's only as I see it now that I realized I forgot a red dot. *falls over giggling* It's a good thing that made things should NOT be perfect.

Another shot of the fishThe outside
Tags: empty_bowls
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