Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Home Again Home Again

I am always amazed at how badly my fiction sucks when I'm writing while severely sleep deprived. Wow. Rips like mad.

I stayed up until 2am packing, and then got up around 8 to finish and shower and get ready to go. Carl and I went to the Red Tractor and had a great breakfast before hitting a bookstore and then he sent me on my way to Oakland airport. I wrote until my plane started boarding. Just sat by an outlet and a Japanese couple entangled together on the floor behind the podium for the agents. They were very cute and very unself-conscious. I was completely left alone the moment anyone saw that they were there, and that was very, very useful to some degree of useful as what I wrote sucked badly.

I got on the plane, put away all my stuff, tucked myself into my blanket coat and as soon as the guys on either side of me were seated, I fell asleep. I stayed asleep, solid, until the stewardess asked the man next to me, "What would you like to drink?" My eyes opened, and I smiled at her and when he'd finished ordering, I got my ginger ale and downed it along with the pretzels.

I then wrestled the laptop back up into my lap and proceeded to write more crap, but so it is. It's written, I can revise. The bones are there, but the rest of it is all saggy. The flight was oversold, so when everyone got there, we left early. That was good. I got to the airport at 5:30, early, again, and by the time I got to the baggage claim my baggage was already there. So I just walked out and the RTD bus appeared right when I got there, so I got on it, and called the boys to say that I was on it. It was an hour long bus ride, and they met me at the stop. John made sure I got everything, and I had, and so we got to go home and I ate leftover roast chicken from what John had made for dinner. Yum. Jet and I played a little and then he took a bubble bath, and I got to just be with him for a bit. That was very nice. I got to give him all the little things I'd bought for him. I got to see John's eyes go all big at the single malt scotch chocolate, and that was well worth it, too.

So all the travel stuff went as planned, or even just a smidge faster. It is good to have good travel karma. I appreciate it when it happens. Of course, Carl and I were a bit bemused to find that all the things we'd planned had all pretty much happened as planned, other than one tea shop not being open on the day we visited and not having quite enough free time to do everything we'd hoped to do at his apartment. But that was a small price to pay and a lot of those things he can ship to me for me to read or watch at home. So that was really, really cool.

I got online for just a moment, and then put Jet to bed, and then went to bed myself. Zombie Powder tried to eat my brain for a bit before bed, but I stopped it by sketching a few things while the bed warmers warmed up. So that was useful.

It is good to sleep in ones own bed. We'd just gotten one of those memory foam mattresses, and I hadn't realized just how comfortable the darn thing is until I went without for a week. Wow.

Today was nice and normal and we got Jet off to the bus on time, and John's off doing his things, and I got my allergy shot. I was happy to post all the backlog of stuff, and now I'm trying to beat into shape the stories I wrote that I now hate. But then I always hate them for a while. One I'm just going to have to lop off at the knees and redo I'm afraid. Carl, I finally get to say that I've written something that was nothing like what was in my head. *laughter* But I refuse to post it!! *giggles*

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