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I've been useful for the last few days. Courageous even. Stuck in output mode for a while...

I wrote one big request for a Shuuhei/Kira pairing that, at first, I had a really hard time seeing; but folks that I trust have now seen it and told me it works, and I'm grateful, it'll go up on the date it was requested for. I wrote up the Bliss Stage game, and it's now in diony's hands and we're likely going to collaborate on it, so she can write her character's parts, too. Sorry, space_parasite, I was half thinking of posting it on your birthday, today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) but it will wait until it is complete. I think you'll like it better that way. Yay!

I beta'ed for stark_black and feel useful for doing it and finding some things that pleased her to find. That is good.

I can now really concentrate on resolving the cliff hanger in Twin Souls properly. incandescens has helped me fill in a few good plot holes and stretched plot lines and aristocratic attitudes toward duels of honor and seme/uke roles in traditional Japanese sex attitudes in a way that is pleasing to my big data-stuffed brain. Someone left an extraordinary review on the version of Twin Souls and I'm still kind of dealing with it. Someday I'll actually believe I can write. *wry grin*

I have a Smith request that I want to get to too, but it's percolating in the back of my brain along with the poem at the end of volume 4 of Zombie Powder and the silver-haired lion saving a werewolf who cannot go back to being what he used to be.

I've inked and I'm happy with the results. I want to start the Fruits Basket Moms the next time I am in the mood to really draw.

I worked in Jet's classroom today and did extras. Maudy Thursday was very, very dark indeed, I'm looking forward to the light on Sunday. OK and the real coffee again.

I will keep going, though, with the other vow, the one of doing what I'm afraid of, especially with respect to writing. It amuses me to think that this Lent I finally started writing, and that I've pretty much gotten deep into fanfic in just these last 40+ days with a focus I really haven't put to writing *ever* before. I've gotten a long ways in 40 days of just walking straight into my wilderness.

In just two weeks I'm flying out to New Orleans and the Back Bay area (Biloxi) and I'm going to spend a week rebuilding houses, living in bunkbeds with other volunteers, and eating all the crawfish and BBQ I can find. It should be another complete break from writing again, and I want to get a few chapters out before I disappear again.

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