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... I'm working on a new-born baby kimono for a baby shower this Saturday. What thrills me most about this whole thing is that the couple that is getting the baby shower is a lesbian couple we met through our church, and they're so sweet and funny and so totally in love again and it's so cool to share *good* birthing stories with the mom and it's really fun that a whole bunch of their friends are all going to be there. And... just wow.

I've got one baby sweater, the newborn kimono going, and probably going to do a few washcloths just because everyone can use washcloths with babies. *dances*

What's funniest is that in the midst of knitting, chatting, reading the second half of Curse of Chalion, and replying to email; the next chapter of Twin Souls just fell out of my fingertips, too. It's bemusing, now, to realize that I do write about 4000 words at a shot, two good, solid scenes, sometimes three if it's a short intro or short conclusion; but that seems to be the rhythm of my writing now and enough to really develop an idea but not so much that no one will be able to sit in front of a computer that long to read it.
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