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Jet said that he figured out why the Easter Bunny didn't leave any chocolate eggs in the basement.  He said that the bunny couldn't reach the light switch, and was afraid of the dark, so he didn't leave any in the basement.  But he couldn't figure out why the Easter Bunny didn't leave any eggs in the office or the bedrooms or the bathroom.   *laughter*

I didn't think I could love Ikkaku any more... but now I can.  Goodness gracious.  I especially love a guy who can actually stick with and follow a leader he trusts.  That takes a lot.

I'm finally figuring out more of the Arrancar, and probably need to before someone requests writing of some kind of me from them, so we'll see how it goes.  The attitudes are interesting and how different they are from each other.  It's fun.

Ha!  And now I know the relative rankings of Menos Hollows and how they compare.  This is going to be interesting for Twin Souls.

I totally loved the last half dozen episodes of <i>Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex</i>, once the hunt for Section 9 really starts and they really are threatened for the first time in the series.  They are vulnerable, real, and care a lot about each other but are willing to be totally ruthless to each other for the sake of the goal.  Sometimes I wonder if I write my folks being just too competent, too good at working together, and then I see them... and it's just that I have to make sure that the forces arrayed against them are scary enough.  I totally loved the Tachikoma even more than I had before.  Their whole sequence, especially once the Major speaks to them, just made me cry.  Yeesh.  Batou-san! That the Major finally sees what they're capable of, now, was really cool. 

I managed to get a good ride in and my allergy shots, so I'm wiped.  But today's going to be the last day I can really just be alone for a while.  The boys are going to a bar to meet a friend for the evening, so I'll be around for chatting or other things, and then next week is spring break, so I might not be able to write the way I have been.  So it is.

Sweater's done.  Gotta get a picture of it, and I'm part way through a washcloth. 
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