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The mission: Oneliners, with a twist!

So, rules are like so: Give me a fandom from the list below, a character/pairing, and a prompt. HOWEVER, each character or pairing can only be requested once! To clear things up a bit: someone can request Squalo and they can request Dino/Squalo and Dino/Xanxus/Squalo, but they cannot request any of those pairings a second time. 

I'm limiting myself this time so my brain doesn't explode, yet.

Zombie Powder

[Added 3/29/08 5:30pm] They're all experiments in doing all this in one evening.  It was actually kind of fun to try and get my brain around so many characters.  But I dreamed a lot of folks last night, so that was kinda strange to have that many personalities in my head all at once.  Feel free to comment after each piece.

Hanatarou/Rukia - - Full of Grace -- short, but... sweet
Bleach - Kira/Ukitake - - Morning Ritual -- Followed one of my favorite stories by calmingeffects
Bleach | Urahara/Rukia | Sorry isn't good enough -- I couldn't do this justice, not really.
Zombie Powder | Gamma/Angelle | At Last~?  -- I kinda liked this one.
Bleach | Shinji/Hiyori | When All is Said and Done -- Nervous as I don't have a grasp of these two
ZP - Smith/Gamma + "by the light of a full moon" -- Sorry... poetry
Bleach - Urahara/Renji + "feeling way too damn good"~?  -- Sorry... feels like OOC crack to me.
Bleach - Yoruichi + You fell into this part~? -- I actually liked how this one turned out.
ZP - Calder + a lot on your mind~? -- I didn't like how this came out, but so it is.  Experiments.
Bleach - Mayuri - ready to play -- almost feels too obvious, but requester liked it, so... I'm glad.
Urahara heard the stories of what had happened. All that had happened as a result of his actions and inactions and hopes and fears and plans all fallen wildly awry. He had, for all practical purposes, sacrificed her. He had apologized, already, the first time she had come with the others; but it still gnawed quietly at his heart whenever he thought through all his other plans.

So when that light, deliberate knock sounded again on the shoji sliding door of the shop, he closed his eyes, tilted his hat, and walked to face her and his own guilt.

He slid open the door, and gave Rukia the standard greeting. "Welcome to my shop."

"Thank you for inviting me in," she said, not missing a single beat.

"How may I help you?" he asked. The script. He clung to it and kept his composure.

"I need a Chappy artificial soul, please, batteries for my locater and communicator, and hmm... I got supplied my gigai from the 13th Divisions supplies this time." The level look from those dark eyes made Kisuke's throat tighten.

He whirled and went looking for the items. It took him a little while to bring them back, but he did; and he simply, wordlessly presented them to her.

Rukia took them, and to add insult to injury, she presented her credit card to him.

Kisuke meticulously charged the exact amounts for everything but the Chappy artificial soul and wrote her receipts for them all. When he handed her the receipt, he could see that her lips thinned. When she looked up at him he shrugged, "I couldn't get it for you the first time, and you wouldn't return it for a refund, so I'm giving you this... in... recompense."

Rukia pulled back her arm to fling it back at him.

He ducked in mock terror, and used his terrified shopkeeper voice, and giving the bow of a merchant-supplicant to a noble. "Please no! Don't damage the merchandise... it's not nearly worth what I owe you."

The tone threw her. And then the actual words sank in. Rukia looked at the little bunny dispenser in her hand and she sighed a sigh and then just walked out of the shop.

Urahara stayed on the floor, shaking, and wondered what the hell he was going to do with his stupid conscience now that it had suddenly found him.
*excited to get such a long oneliner!*

This was great. ♥ A lot longer than I expected, too, which was awesome.

How about...

Zombie Powder | Gamma/Angelle | At Last~?
"I'm sixteen today!!" Angelle bounced up to Gamma. "And you prooooooomised!!!"

Gamma didn't quite put his head in his hands. "Yes... yes I did."

"I wanna good one, lots of tongue and teeth and hair-pulling and everything!!" Angelle giggled happily.

"Where did you learn that?" Gamma asked, not exactly surprised, but...

"I love you when you're so straight-laced," Angelle dimpled. "But I want my kiss NOW."

"Okay, okay..." Gamma drew close and his hands gently pulled Angelle close to his tall, lean length. She tilted her head and closed her eyes.

And Gamma gently pressed his long, lean lips on her forehead. "There. A kiss."

There was blood everywhere, the remaining rocks were as scorched as the trees and the earth all around them. Rain fell, as quiet as hidden tears as Shinji dragged himself over gravel, broken tree and other limbs, and chasms that yawned where reiatsu strikes had split the ground.

He didn't give a shit about the missing leg or the wounds that still gaped. He'd seen Hiyori, lying in the midst of the dust and bone shards of who knows what. When he came close, he had to close his eyes for just a moment, as her eyes were open to the rain and the sky, unseeing. Nearly half her body was missing.

But then her hand twitched and he saw her chest move as she drew a rasping breath. He felt her reiatsu flickering like a match flame in the wind. "Hey," he whispered.

She was so still, he wasn't sure if she had already gone. Then she swallowed and whispered back, "I still hate them all, Shinji. Stupid humans, stupid shinigami."

"I know." Shinji said his hand lightly closing on what as left of hers. "And that's why you are my first love."
gndasgnalhka. That was really cute in a depressing sort of way.

Bleach | Kaien/Miyako | It Doesn't Matter~?