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The mission: Oneliners, with a twist!

So, rules are like so: Give me a fandom from the list below, a character/pairing, and a prompt. HOWEVER, each character or pairing can only be requested once! To clear things up a bit: someone can request Squalo and they can request Dino/Squalo and Dino/Xanxus/Squalo, but they cannot request any of those pairings a second time. 

I'm limiting myself this time so my brain doesn't explode, yet.

Zombie Powder

[Added 3/29/08 5:30pm] They're all experiments in doing all this in one evening.  It was actually kind of fun to try and get my brain around so many characters.  But I dreamed a lot of folks last night, so that was kinda strange to have that many personalities in my head all at once.  Feel free to comment after each piece.

Hanatarou/Rukia - - Full of Grace -- short, but... sweet
Bleach - Kira/Ukitake - - Morning Ritual -- Followed one of my favorite stories by calmingeffects
Bleach | Urahara/Rukia | Sorry isn't good enough -- I couldn't do this justice, not really.
Zombie Powder | Gamma/Angelle | At Last~?  -- I kinda liked this one.
Bleach | Shinji/Hiyori | When All is Said and Done -- Nervous as I don't have a grasp of these two
ZP - Smith/Gamma + "by the light of a full moon" -- Sorry... poetry
Bleach - Urahara/Renji + "feeling way too damn good"~?  -- Sorry... feels like OOC crack to me.
Bleach - Yoruichi + You fell into this part~? -- I actually liked how this one turned out.
ZP - Calder + a lot on your mind~? -- I didn't like how this came out, but so it is.  Experiments.
Bleach - Mayuri - ready to play -- almost feels too obvious, but requester liked it, so... I'm glad.
Jyuushiro was not a morning person. He liked his bed too much to relinquish it easily when he could sleep in, especially when he could breathe easily enough to sleep in.

Izuru, on the other hand, was such a cheerful morning person that, finally, Jyuushiro assigned him the tasks of cleaning up the kitchen and making breakfast every morning rather than biting the eager young man's head off.

So, each morning, when the sun came up, Kira Izuru would get up out of their warm bed together. Jyuushiro, somehow sensing the extra room in the bed, even though he was sound asleep before it, would roll and spread himself across the expanse of warm covers and linens and watch, through half closed eyes, Izuru's small morning ritual before heading off to the other rooms.

Izuru would clean himself off with a cloth and a cold bucket of water, a simple ablution that was shockingly beautiful to the old man. The youngster slept naked with Jyuushiro, and so he simply got a bucket of water, dipped a washcloth into it, wrung it out and then started with his face. The high cheekbones, the slender nose, the forehead all got a quick scrub until his cheeks pinked.

Then those muscular shoulders, then the arms with muscles corded up and down from the elbows, nearly delicate wrists and then long pale hands with those neat, trimmed fingernails. The tip of Izuru's tongue would come out as he carefully washed his hands.

Izuru rinsed his cloth with each of the next long swipes as he cleaned each long, muscular leg and then along his belly and back as best as he was able. His back and sides and chest were healing, the long scars of Gin's use of him silvering and fading with time.

Then, finally, he would rinse the cloth out again and clean off his underarms and then his private parts with the same meticulous care as the rest of him. And then with neat, precise hands, Izuru put on his loin cloth, his kimonos, and then the hakama. Tabi slid over bare feet.

And then Izuru, all washed and dressed for the day would come over to the bed, lay a single kiss on Jyuushiro's white hair, and then pad off into the kitchen, where he'd start whistling while he worked. The faint, cheerful sound in the house always lulled Jyuushiro back to sleep, knowing that his young lover was quite happily going about something other than keeping Jyuushiro awake.

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Awwwwww I loved this, these tender moments are so sweet!!!!!! thank you!!
Thank you for letting me write Ukitake in something closer to your story universe. *grin* I appreciated your stories so much of how the two got together, I couldn't resist.