Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Random Flakes

Helping people feeds me. It's always odd how much I need to be reminded of that.

I found my Malakite pendant. The Malakim are the sword-wielding choir of In Nomine angels. They cannot Fall. I got it back when I was playing Faber, the angel of the Word Forge. I'm wearing it when I go to Biloxi. I'll need a bit of faith with as many people are we're going with.

Jet and I went out and planted radishes at the OUR center, returned books to the library, got vids for him, and then went to Target to Buy Stuff. I ended up with plastic playing cards for all those times when I'm going to be waiting for the other 28 people to figure out what we're doing next. Large group dynamics always mean huge waits and I'll be ready. I know, I know. I should just take my Horde directing abilities and lead, but I'm tired. Cards are better. I can learn a lot about a person through how they play cards.

Right. Like I can stop being goal-oriented any more than I can stop breathing.

Jet and I bought a 140 piece wooden Pirate Ship model on punched through wooden boards that you get to label in order to put it together. It's bemusingly intricate and beautiful, I'll have to take pictures sometime.

John made time for me to write today and I'm far more sane for it, for all that I spent most of it helping someone else out and beta'ing, I felt better for it. I also got a solid start on one fic and am three-quarters through another TS chapter. I need to get the fic out before Sunday and the chapter done before I leave or else I will destroy something. I actually got through the evening without feeling like I was walking on nails.

Jet asked quite politely so I even made my dead simple Chocolate Thingys for dessert. *laughter* It's 2 oz bittersweet chocolate melted in 1/4 cup milk heated 30 seconds in the microwave. One whole egg beaten for a bit, then 1 Tbs sugar, and then beat 'em together (with an electric beater) until they're thick and lemon curd colored. Fold the chocolate into the egg (I'll admit I actually do the extra step to lighten the chocolate with a couple spoonfuls of the egg, first, familiarity is comforting), turn into ramekins, bake in a boiling water bath at 350 for 20 minutes and relatively "instant" flourless chocolate cakes. Okay, "dead simple" for a family that had a kid that at three-years-old was folding beaten egg whites into batters correctly with a rubber spatula that he couldn't even say the name of at the time. I do all the prep in stuff that can be thrown in the dishwasher, so it's easy clean up, too.

I managed to save two of the three articles that were lost to the stupidity of the spinningfiber mod through going to Google and getting the cached items comments and all, so thanks to those that recommended that course of action. The last of the three was actually written in my journal. laughter So I had it.

It was relatively warm today. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. It's been a cold, hard spring. I'm having real trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I have to pack a week's worth of clothing for the 80's. Not the 40's that my mind really is fixated on. I keep wondering if I should throw in wool socks or wear my blanket coat or... bah...

Jet read me a book, we did all the part labeling, the boys hot tubbed and I helped Jet with his shower, and I even put him to bed through his routine and I didn't get nearly as irritated as I have been for the last two days. So getting to do verbal output was a huge win.

I'm going to have to take my laptop with me or else I am going to go insane. But I'll likely concentrate on a detailed account of the trip rather than fiction of any kind. The reality of it all will probably be story enough for a while.

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