Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Off For A Bit

Wow... got to go see one of the old coffin-style Atlas-E retired missile sites today, one of five that were in northwest Colorado. They're selling them, now, or giving them to local government, and this one was given to the city of Greeley to use as a public park. The caretaker gives free tours if you call for 'em.

I'm also packing like mad and playing as many video games with Jet as I can get in.

I've been asked to blog our days for the group in some ways. I'll probably ask everyone if they're okay with being called out on a public, search-enabled blog, but this journal's going to change personalities for the next week. IF I find access. Otherwise it's all going to flood in the week after. So it is.

I'm not even bringing story stuff with me, as I know I'm not going to have the brain for it and this. I'm bringing my sketch pad, but it's more for my own therapy than anything else. I'm glad I got out what I did... and I now have ideas for the other side I hadn't had before.

I'm probably not going to have access, so I guess this is my chance to say I'll see you on the other side...
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