Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Thanks, flit, for posting about the machine. So I'm spending a bunch of the morning backing up my other journal. A thing I've had to do for a while anyway, plus just random samplings of all the other directories that link from my home page. The one problem with having a 'deep' home page is making sure that I get everything and it's just a whole lotta stuff.

It would be very different to have this be my only journal, if the machine did die a real death, but I think it would be okay, just... sad.

I also spent a chunk of this morning getting pictures of Alex's karate test printed pretty and I even cut them neatly and brought them over to Joan when I went to pick Jet up. He was happy. I bundled him up in his fur hat, coat, and blanket and on the way out, he closed his eyes against the snow. By the time he got home he was asleep, so I'm free to do stuff for a while.

Yeah! I was brave! I drove in the snow! There's anywhere from bare ice to ten inch drifts out here, and there's more snow falling, they've been talking about anywhere from three inches to a foot of snow by the end of today, and we're well on the way to the foot of snow. I did fine. Most of the roads around here have either been plowed or there's just dry drifts everywhere, so it's a bit like powder skiing, which is easier than packed ice.

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