Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Home Finally...

... slept in my own bed. Ached all over from working so much last week and the cold has just laid me flat, but it's good to be home with it instead of in a strange city/hotel.

It's Colorado, two inches of snow one day mid-70's the next, dry as heck and on the ride home from the airport, everyone was marveling at how brown and dry and dead everything was. The trees have just budded their leaves, unfurling new green only right on the black branches from winter. The plains are brown blushing green along the places that have concealed water. The mountains are jagged teeth of black and white ice all along the West, and it was so clear yesterday and today one feels like one can see to Kansas.

I'm fighting my cold. The allergy clinic asked me not to come in until I feel better. Isabel's hot split pea soup with ham hocks is a smoky blessing on my sore throat, and I'm happy to have a bagel with my dark chocolate peanut butter slathered all over it. A simple lunch, but in a familiar setting. Whew...

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