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I actually did get up at 7 this morning because I had bought one packet of beignet mix while I was in New Orleans. So I made them this morning so that Isabel and George could have them along with Jet. They were good, different than my yeast ones, in flavor and texture, more like deep-fried biscuits than bread dough. So I feel mildly accomplished as it made Jet very happy.

For dinner, we ate early at Saigon Express, and I had soup for my cold, and it helped. Then we went and watched the first grade of Eagle Crest do a musical performance. Jet and 120 other kids all sang and danced and were very, very cute and very, very in synch. The gym was packed full of parents and siblings and was hot as heck as it was 80 today.

It's supposed to be 42 as a high tomorrow, with snow. So it'll be quite a weather change again.

But the performance was good and fun and everyone went to Cold Stone, afterward, for ice cream. I think Isabel and George had a good time, too. Jet went home with Mikayla to play for a bit. So I finished all the scanlated Tsubasa that's up. I'm tempted to volunteer to help scan and clear balloons and do the typesetting if someone else translates... yeesh, just to know what happens next, damnit. It only went to Chapter 187. But it stopped in a not too painful place to stop. So I'm okay for a bit. Now I'll just have to wait.
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