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Pictures and Gaming with Jet

calmingeffects just got me to realize that while I put a link to my Biloxi pictures on the sticky post at the top of my journal, I hadn't really put it in my stream of posts, so that people who've friended me could see. So... here's a link to all my 455 not too bad pictures of the trip. *laughter* Yes, exactly like vacation pictures, but with work in them.

And, last night, Jet and I played Fairy's Tale together. Many thanks to amberley for recommending the game and getting me into a demo during the 2007 Dundracon.

Jet made up a little sprite warrior whose name was "Hermie", and as I asked questions he decided that his little sprite was strong, capable of building lots of things (craft), and quicker than your average fairy. Jet figured out that his guy liked grasshoppers and praying mantis' and when I asked him where he lived, Jet said that it was in a tree, by the roots, all by himself in the forest.

It was really fun working with him on the game itself... as I told him that it was morning and he just woke up. So Jet started describing the little house in the roots of the big tree, the bed made of leaves and a blanket made of leaves, and the warrior's clothing. He said Hermie had to brush his teeth, wear a leaf while he washed his clothes because he only had the one set of clothing, and he found his breakfast in the dew and berries around him. He wouldn't eat leaves or else he'd eat his bed!!

So I sent a grasshopper to him, after breakfast, to say that one of his other friends was in trouble. Together we negotiated the fact that while insects can jump up really high, they can always get down, so there had to be a fire underneath the buggy-friend... and that a goblin had set it.

So he tried to talk one of the other buggy friends into dumping water from a puddle on the fire and also to talk a bumblebee into stinging the goblin and then flying up to rescue his friend. We tried the dice system for these three attempts as it's hard to tell a grasshopper to approach a fire and dump water on it. And, luckily, bumblebees don't lose their stingers when they sting someone, but it's still not pleasant. Jet didn't get any successes on two of his rolls, but did get two on his third.

So I asked him to pick which two things failed and which succeeded. We'd jumbled things up enough that it felt like the right way to do it. He picked rescuing his friend as the success. So I gave him a shiny essence as the reward for making that kind of decision. Then I said that since his sprite is really good at fighting, he might want to chase the goblin off himself instead of sending the bumblebee to do it.

Jet decided to try that, and the look on his face when he got to roll *seven* dice for his fighting skills instead of the two mind dice he had for persuading things to do stuff was priceless. He understood at a gut level what that meant, and he had several more successes than the goblin did, so he got to chase the goblin off and was suitably satisfied with his accomplishment.

We had to call it there, as it was past his bedtime, but now Jet wants to make a book of his first adventure, with pictures and words. *grin* So it was definitely a success.

I seem to be rearing a little role playing gamer. A very good thing.
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