Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Far Cooler

Today is far, far cooler than yesterday. Whew. It actually got in the 60's in the house last night, for which I am very, very thankful. The day is all cotton candy and blue sky, with dark clouds to the south. I'm glad. I hope it rains again.

I am pretty inverse with respect to rain. I guess after more than a decade in Seattle, one really would have to or else be part of the suicide statistics.

There's a slender spider who has made her home at the bottom of our stairs. I'm kind of glad of her, as there seem to be a lot of insects in the house, given that we leave the doors and windows wide open. They do have their screens, but it doesn't seem to make enough of a difference.

I really should throw out all my poisonous plants and just grow herbs. Jet grabbed the philodendron today, and crushed a leaf, and I know the thing is poisonous if eaten. I just don't know to what extent. I washed his hand before he could stuff it in his mouth, but now I have to contemplate just tossing the plants. Thing is, that the philodendron we have is one I got when I left home for college. It's the very same plant and it's been with me longer than anyone has, longer than Fezzik, longer than John. So there's some part of me that almost can't just throw it away.

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