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I hate not being able to breathe.  The cold last week, high tree pollen counts, my asthma, and just generally being stupid about staying up late in order to indulge in my writing binge has made it so that I'm coughing everywhere.  Bah.  And I have my allergy shot treatment appointment this afternoon to make sure that the whole series is actually helping.  It's costing several thousand dollars, so it had better be improving things.  And now I'm all confused as to whether or not it has improved anything.

I suspect that if I hadn't had the cold I'd be in much better shape, but... grumble, humbug.

I've been mildly cranky and poor Jet has had trouble understanding why it is that Momma just isn't in the mood to play.  Last night, he cried when he thought about leaving me alone in the house when he was going to go play with his friends and he couldn't understand when I gently said but I wanted to be alone, that I loved him, lots, and that he should have fun with his friends and not worry so much about leaving me in the house alone.  It took a little while, but he ran off to play and seemed very happy about playing with the other kids.  So that's all to the good.

Tonight we'll go to a knitting meeting together.  That will help, I think.  He loves to knit, and is quite good at it, now.  So it should be quiet for both of us.
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