Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


The breathing test shows that I'm at about 65% of my theoretical lung capacity. So I'm almost missing one lung. 70% is functional, but not great, as there's a real risk of fibrosis if it's left at that level. 70% is where there aren't direct asthma attacks, but when a cold comes, it can more easily become bronchitis. Which, pretty much, is now the case. And, yes, I'm below that mark at the moment, so I'm having measurable problems.

The doctor's opinion is that my asthma, while it may be symptomatically good, i.e. usually I'm functional. It's still not under control. *sigh* So he wants me to go on a series of meds in conjunction with the allergy shots, and, hopefully, longterm, we'll get enough function back for me to have more lung capacity. But, good for my engineer's soul, he's doing it as an experiment. I go on the meds for a month, we'll measure at the end of that month. If there is significant improvement, then we'll stick with what he's given me for a while, and check again when I'm on maintenance with the shots.

I'm glad he was willing to work with me on that, as I hate feeling dependent on medications. Ah well.
Tags: asthma
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