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... that's kind of conclusive in my book.

An hour and a half after I took my first shot of Advair, I blew a flow test that was 15% better.  Not better than my flow tests of the last week, but 15% better than my average for the last two months.  Of course, it does leave me a little bit jittery and I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, but that may well have been because I'm still phase shifted, PMSsy, and have a chapter and three fics and two RP moves on the brain. 

Still, this morning, to get to Jet's classroom for my volunteer stint, I took John's electric scooter instead of biking in as I didn't want to push it too much.  It was colder than I expected, as the sun's out, but the temps are still in the high 40's to 50's, not the 70's of the last few days.  Luckily, he had his insulated gloves in the basket, so I just scooted on over.  The winds are high today, which has cleared the haze and pollution from the skies, and it really has helped my eyes a lot. 

I enjoyed my ability to breath.  And the neat, simple work of copying everyone's full names, birth dates, and place of birth into their pretend, paper passports; and then the whirl of getting everyone to change out their books for their weekend reading. 

So it's been a much better morning.  And I might get a chance to go see the new Jet Li/Jackie Chan movie this afternoon.  *happy sigh*

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