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Cue the Fangirl Squeee!

The plan was to go see Forbidden Kingdom.

And after our busy morning, it took a little coordination on our part to actually get to it.  But we managed to get out the door around 12:30, as both of us had had a bunch of stuff to do in the morning.

I did notice, on the way to Boulder, that all the trees that had been nothing but black branches on black trunks even last week, were all showing pale green, pink, or white. Blossoming and unfurling leaves into clouds of color in all directions. Spring and fall here are but a few weeks, winter and summer nearly all the other time. So I treasure the spring while I can see it.

John and I went off to Boulder and hit 8Islands restaurant, which does excellent Hawaiian style food. John got the Kaluha pork, smoky, rich, shredded and so tender, some lomi lomi salmon (salted raw salmon with salad... it's basically a cold salad with yummy salmon bits).  I got my traditional tonkatsu with curry, and added brown rice to be good and macaroni salad simply because I have to have macaroni salad on a Hawaiian lunch plate.  The tonkatsu was crisp and hot and perfect and slathered in the Japanese style curry that's nearly more like gravy than anything, and it made the rice very, very tasty.  The creaminess of the macaroni salad was a perfect compliment.  And I was very happy to get a Lilikoi fruit drink, passionfruit, and it was wonderfully tasty lunch.

We haven't been there for a while and I really needed the Asian food fix.

From there we headed into the new Boulder theater, a few minutes late, but they were still doing previews!  So, hoorah!  Didn't miss a thing.  And I was glad of it.  Just that opening shot made me go Ooooooo...

I loved it.  Unabashedly loved it.  And, okay, I can kind of see why lots of folks have said it's plot-light, but... I didn't give a damn.  *laughter*  I loved all the fighting aspects of it.  I loved how the styles fit the personalities, I loved the glee Li had when playing the Monkey King and the bounce.  I loved all the many aspects of Jackie Chan.  And I don't care if there were a few points where they looked a little slower, a little heavier, and a little less agile, they were still Jet Li and Jackie Chan and they were together and playing off each other in a way that just made my heart stop.  And I know some folks wish that they could have done this ten years ago; but ten years ago, neither of them were quite as good at acting or speaking English as they are now.  And even so, I suspect Jet Li was content to play the near-mute monk.

And, unexpectedly, I fell in love with Michael Angarano's character's *clueless* style at the start as a stark contrast to the guys I loved so well.  The first time he swung I nearly fell on the floor laughing and everyone else in the theater was like stone-cold quiet, maybe just being polite, but maybe not getting why I was dying with laughter.  It was so cool to have the contrast, to really understand how amazing these guys are compared to mere mortals.  There was one Great Fight.  A few funny fights, but one that just had me on the floor, two tigers.  You'll get it when you get to it. 

So love all around for that movie.  Goodness.  It may not be great; but wow, I loved it and I think I loved it because it was completely unabashed about how much it loved martial arts flicks, and unabashed about its love for the strengths and known qualities of its stars.  That was just wonderful. 

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