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Knitting Projects

Uhm.. yeah... so since the Phoenix sweater, I pretty much dropped the ball so far as knitting was concerned.  I think I was a little burnt out, and so the two projects I now, finally, have actually started making progress on again aren't particularly huge or super spectacular or anything, but they're satisfying at the moment.

One is a prayer shawl for a person whose partner has been partially disabled by illness and who may or may not be bale to recover.  The other is a pair of Knitty Pomatomus socks for myself, just because I needed them.

Oh, and calmingeffects, would you want your socks to be kinda like those Pomatomus ones? But brighter colors and an anklet cuff?

Black Perl Socks 
This is the close up of the sock stitch detail.  You can also see the detail of the color changes within the bands of color.
Fish Sock 1 
This is the sock itself.  I liked how the colors pooled. 

Prayer Shawl
And here's the fluffy alpaca shawl.  Hmm... seeing it like this I'm going to have to redo some of it to even out the stripes a little more, as I swapped philosophies right in the middle and it shows, badly.  *sigh*  Ah well.  Time to frog and redo it properly.
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